Our Independent Panel of Experts

A group of experts from a range of careers and industries, each with their own experience and insight, brought together by a passion for creating an Alcohol Safe Workplace®... without killing the buzz!


The Alcohol Safe Workplace® Independent Panel set out and govern the Alcohol Safe standards, reviewing all applications for the Alcohol Safe Workplace® accreditation and providing detailed feedback and guidance, whatever the outcome.


Janey Lee Grace

Broadcaster, Author and Founder of The Sober Club

Janey is probably best known for her co-hosting role on Radio 2's "Steve Wright in the Afternoon" show. Her broadcasting professionalism comes across loud and clear in her podcast, Alcohol Free Life, which has two million downloads worldwide and has inspired thousands of people to reset their relationship with alcohol.

Author of Happy, Healthy Sober and many other titles, Janey is truly the voice of wellbeing. As well as running The Sober Club, Janey offers Accredited Sober Club Coach Training, a world-class training academy for wellness and sober coaches worldwide.

"I'm delighted that Janet is tackling this taboo topic in the workplace and I'm 100% behind her in developing this accreditation which has the potential to massively reduce in alcohol harm in our society."

Anna Schiavetta

Employment Solicitor for Blacks LLP

Anna advises employers on all employment and HR related matters, including the effects of alcohol in the workplace. Anna has a passion for helping employers make their workplace a more inclusive environment and focusing on supporting employee wellbeing.

"This Accreditation is all about doing the right thing and going above and beyond to support employee wellbeing. Not only that, Accredited Employers will significantly reduce their risks around industrial accidents, sexual harassment claims and other workplace grievances. I'm thrilled to be part of this Accreditation Panel."

Lauren Booker

BHSc (Hons), MSc

Lauren has worked for over 20 years in the alcohol sector as a treatment practitioner, addictions counsellor and consultant. She specialises in supporting organisations to reduce alcohol-related harm and promote employee wellbeing. She has advised the government on the development of a model alcohol policy for employers, and is an LGBT workplace champion and mental health advocate.


Lauren is also one of the founders of the Dry January movement and author of Try Dry: The Official Guide to a Month Off Booze. She is currently writing a book to support organisations to change workplace drinking culture. Lauren is also a prolific blogger and media spokesperson on alcohol harm. She delivers training and consultancy on all aspects of alcohol, health and wellbeing.

Deborah Lester


Passionate about people, the planet, corporate social responsibility, and diversity.

Deborah, or Debs as we know her, feels strongly about training managers on staff wellbeing and inclusivity in the workplace, especially since remote working. In this new normal it is not easy to notice that our colleagues need support, particularly with alcohol problems, or that someone has been excluded in some way making them feel isolated or uncomfortable.

"I am proud to be part of Choose Sunshine working with companies that have taken the imitative to train and embed wellbeing policies to create a safe and inclusive working environment for everyone. I am confident that with our support, managers will have the tools to notice signs of alcohol harm to protect employees wellbeing, resulting in a healthier and productive workforce."

Craig Paton

Health and Safety Expert

Founder of Paton Safety Solutions and

Great Minds:Think Alike

Craig has a wealth of experience in the Health and Safety sector, founding Paton Safety Solutions, which specialises in supporting the health, safety and wellbeing of employees.

More recently, Craig has set up a business called Great Minds. Think Alike, supporting colleagues on the front line who may be suffering from poor mental heath as well as addiction. Craig is a prolific campaigner and was a top 10 most influential H&S finalist in 2022.

"For too long, employers have brushed alcohol issues under the carpet. I'm passionate about reducing the harm that alcohol can have on society, on individuals and on workplace safety, and welcome this innovative Accreditation from Choose Sunrise"

Ellie Gordon

Mental Health Nurse

Experienced specialist in drug and alcohol services.

Ellie has had a varied career, not only in patient facing roles, but in shaping and improve services to ensure higher quality patient care.

Ellie is the current chair of the Royal College of Nursing mental health forum, as well as a member of several NICE guideline writing committees.

Her passion for continuous improvement has lead her to work at regional and national level in roles which focussed on improving service provision in collaboration with people with lived experience and with the workforce.

"I'm delighted to support this Accreditation because it is true to my core nursing principles and beliefs that whenever a person is in need they should be able to access the help and support needed as swiftly and discreetly as possible."

Andy Mee

Founder of The Alcohol Free Drinks Company and Co-Founder of The Alcohol Free Events Compay

Andy founded the Alcohol Free Drinks company after stopping drinking in 2020 and being astonished by the lack of choice in most bars and restaurants for the 20% of people who choose not to drink alcohol.

Passionate about local and independent brands, Andy carefully curates the very best of a very diverse range of alcohol free options from small producers, supplying wholesale and retail channels.

"As a former sales director, I know all too well how ingrained alcohol is in the workplace culture. I'm so passionate about supporting Choose Sunrise with this Accreditation because it's a much needed initiative that will save lives."

Hannah Taylor

Founder of The Sober Butterfly Collective and Co-Founder of The Alcohol Free Events Company

Hanna is an impressive young woman who has used her personal journey to sober to support and inspire others who are on the same path.

The Sober Butterfly Collective is a voluntary powered organisation that delivers free of charge sober meet ups across the UK. Hannah's passion for keeping this free for users is truly inspirational, which is why we donate £50 for every accreditation sold to this Community Interest Company (CIC).

Hannah's hospitality and events experience are now being channeled into delivering fun and engaging pop-up alcohol free experiences, which are proving very popular with our Alcohol Safe Workplaces!


The industry- recognised mark of excellence for alcohol in the workplace.

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Alcohol Safe Workplace®


The Sober Butterfly Collective is a voluntary lead social enterprise that organises sober socials up and down the UK, all completely free.

We donate a minimum of £50 for every accreditation sold to the Sober Butterfly Collective.

Because Friendship is Free.

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